A Gentle Introduction to TeX (pdf)
Emacs manual
HTML quick introduction
Much more about HTML and the Web
The Java API
The Java Tutorial from Sun
The Java 1.1 API
Programming in Perl/Tk


Cygwin: A Linux-like environment for M$ Windows
Cygwin provides a huge number of software packages from the Linux world; you probably do not want to install everything.

Quickstart instructions: Follow the link and download setup.exe. Run setup.exe and make the appropriate choices on the following screens. Next the package list should appear. For a minimal programming environment, choose the Base and Devel collections, and choose your favorite editor from the Editors collection.

Cygwin Live for Windows.
We have put together a CD that lets you run cygwin on a windows computer without installing cygwin. The applications you might be most interested in are the X server and ssh, which let you run X applications on remote computers, and connect securely via the familiar linux/unix commandline ssh. To get the cd, download cyglive_0.2.iso and burn it to a cd. To use it, insert it in the optical drive of the computer, open it up, and read the README file.

Knoppix with Maple 11.
Knoppix is a popular live linux distribution--if your pc will boot from cd or dvd, you can run linux without permanently altering your pc. This is a customized version of Knoppix that includes Maple 11. It must have access to to verify licensing information, so you must be connected to the internet. If too many copies of Maple are already running (unlikely) you won't be able to run Maple. To use it, burn this file to a cd and boot your PC from it. When you get a desktop, click on the maple leaf icon on the bar.

TeraTerm and TeraTerm-SSH for Windows.
These will let you use the encrypted telnet-like protocol to connect to the math lab and other machines that support ssh.