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Rome. Agora'C. c/o Vittorio Emanuele II, 39, 00186 Roma. Tel. (06) 6991742/3. Fax: (06) 69920123. Modem: (06) 69920412 (up to 2400 baud). (06) 6990532 (up to 9600 baud). (06) 52271093 (up to 14400 baud) (all N81 MNP5). 28800 baud connections possible too. ITAPAC: NUA 26430303, 26420265 (1200 baud, E71). BT Tymnet (logon: agora) Internet domain: agora.stm.it Sprint International: agora. ISDN: 52271470. Two alternative ways to pay: (i) 200 thousand lire a year plus VAT, do as much as you like of whatever you like (unless of course you connect to private services which cost money), not counting reverse charge ITAPAC calls or similar if you connect to Agora that way. (ii) nothing a year base fee, but messages to or from anyone not on Agor cost 100 lire each plus 10 lire per K, and telnet, ftp, archie, gopher and so on cost about 10 lire per K or 100 lire a minute.

Rome. MC-link Technimedia Srl. Via Carlo Perrier 9 00157 Roma. Tel. (06) 418921. Fax: (06) 41732169. (monthly fee 18 thousand, or 24 thousand if you pay quarterly rather than annually. No extra charges for anything unless you use reverse charge ITAPAC calls to connect to the system, in which case of course they'll make you pay them for that.) Modem: (06) 4180440 (N81 300-14400 CCITT, 19200 ZyX, V32bis, V42bis, MNP5); (06) 4180660 (US Robotics). ITAPAC: NUA 26410420. Internet domain: mclink.it (but using Telnet it's mclink.mclink.it)

Milan. Galactica. Via Turati, 40, 20121 Milano. Tel. (02) 29006150. Fax: (02) 29006153. Office open Monday to Friday, 9.00 to 13.00 and 14.00 to 18.00. 12 lines V32bis 14.400 MNP5 (02) 29006091. 12 lines V22bis 2.400 MNP5 (02) 29006058. E-mail: <staff@galactica.it> 24.000 for a month, 71400 for 3 months, 107100 for 6 months or 178500 for a year. (IVA included, all internet services free, including Usenet news and Fidonet.) Businesses pay 300000 plus IVA for a one year subscription. Sprint access available by the time this article is published. If you live anywhere else, then it's probably best to use ITAPAC to call MC-link or Agor as Galactica is not currently set up for it.

Milan. IUnet. (EUnet Italy). c/o Caterina Bonino, i2u srl, Viale Monza 253, I-20126 Milano, Italy. Tel. +39 2 2700 2528. Fax: +39 2 2700 1322. E-mail: <info@Italy.EU.net>

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