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Bedford. The Internet Access Company, (617) 275-0331. To log on, follow on-line prompts. $20 setup fee; $19.50 a month. Voice: (617) 275-2221.

Brookline. The World, (617) 739-9753. "Online Book Initiative" collection of electronic books, poetry and other text files. Log on as: new. $5 a month plus $2 an hour or $20 for 20 hours a month. Available nationwide through the CompuServe Packet Network for another $5.60 an hour. Voice: (617) 739-0202.

Lynn. North Shore Access, (617) 593-4557. Log on as: new. $10 for 10 hours a month; $1 an hour after that. Voice: (617) 593-3110.

Worcester. NovaLink, (508) 754-4009. Log on as: info. $12.95 sign-up (includes first two hours); $9.95 a month (includes five daytime hours), $1.80 an hour after that. Voice: (800) 274-2814.

Worcester. Public Access UNIX for Worcester County. 8 Grove Heights Dr., Worcester, MA 01605-3146. (508)853-0340. Log on as: guest. $5/month incl. 2.5hrs, $2/hr. Voice:(508)-853-0258 other services: uucp, slip, ppp.

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