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Garrett Fellow sparks interest in Asian religions and culture

Jonathan Walters
Whitman's newest Paul Garrett Faculty Fellow is an established scholar who draws students into an enthusiasm for Asian religions and culture that echoes beyond the classroom. Jonathan Walters involves students in his research on South Asian religious traditions, leads an overseas study program in Sri Lanka, and invites students to his home for events that range from a feast of exotic Sri Lankan delicacies to a "pirit," a traditional Buddhist chanting ceremony.

An associate professor of religion who came to Whitman in 1992, Walters is the recipient of a Ph.D. with distinction from the University of Chicago Divinity School. He has published many articles, reviews, and short essays. His most recent work includes "Suttas as History: Four Approaches to the Sermon on the Noble Quest (Ariyapariyesanasutta)," published in February in the History of Religions Journal, and "Finding Buddhists in Global History," a contribution to the American Historical Association Global and Comparative History series.