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David Judd, '43

David Lockhart Judd, an internationally recognized authority and consultant in theoretical physics, died November 23 in Berkeley, California. As a senior research physicist at the University of California, Judd was long involved in efforts to develop commercial fusion power.

Born in Chehalis, Washington, Judd served as a lieutenant in the Navy from 1944-1946, working on radar research at Harvard and M.I.T. and on nuclear weapons research at Los Alamos. In 1951, after earning his doctorate at CalTech, he was invited by Ernest Lawrence to join his laboratory at the University of California as head of the theoretical physics group. Judd became head of the physics division in 1965 and was associate director of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory from 1967-1970. After that he continued his research at Berkeley while also serving as a senior lecturer, mentor, curriculum designer, and international speaker.

Judd and his family have long been a part of the Whitman community: his grandfather served on the board of trustees and received an honorary doctorate in 1896; his mother graduated from Whitman in 1913; his brother entered the 1946 freshman class but was drafted into the Army the same year; and both of Judd's sons - Bruce Judd, '69, and Ralph Judd, '72 - attended Whitman.

A loyal alumnus and dedicated organizer for the Alumni Association, in 1969 Judd was recognized as an Alumnus of Merit. In 1973 he was awarded an honorary degree by Whitman College, 77 years after his grandfather had received one.