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Peter Bang-Knudsen, '90, has taught history and coached water polo at Seattle's Newport High School for six years. He and his wife, Beckie Nagy, are enjoying fixing up their 100-year-old house.

Kevin Hight, '90, finished his M.B.A. at SMU in May and returned to Los Angeles to work for Payden & Rygel, a financial services firm. Liz Smith, '90, works for Baby Lulu, Inc. They can be reached at 124 31st St., Hermosa Beach, CA 90254.

Greg Saliba, '90, is a relationship manager in corporate banking at US Bank. Kim Smith Saliba, '90, teaches sociology at Portland Community College.

Brooke Wheeler, '90, lives in Kirkland and has her own chiropractic practice in Redmond.

Janette Anderson, '91, is an emergency medical technician in Seattle and plans to enroll in Central Washington University's paramedic program this fall.

Glenn and Heather Mammen Null, '91 and '93, have owned and operated a Sears dealer store in La Grande, Oregon, since 1995.

Kristine Knoll Page, '91, and her husband, Scott, live in Redmond, Washington. She works at Children's Hospital as an R.N. in the hematology-oncology and bone marrow transplant unit.

Kathi Lynn Pearce, '91, is completing a master's degree in history at Boise State University, focusing on Chicano studies. She works part-time as a paralegal in the federal public defender's office in Boise.

Eric Robirds, '91, who has an M.A. in creative writing from Western Washington University, is a scriptwriter and director of idea productions for Vision West, Inc., in Powell, Wyoming. Email him at

Adam Rubin, '91, works for the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) as director of the council study center in Tokyo. He has lived in Japan for four years.

Laura Saxe, '91, is the subject of a "Chinese Soap Opera," according to The Washington Post. Her photo, taken in 1991 when she was in Sichuan under the Whitman in China program, has appeared on packages of two different Chinese soap companies, resulting in a suit over who has the right to use it. Saxe is now a master's candidate at the University of California at Davis.

Rob Witter, '91, received his Ph.D. in geological sciences at the University of Oregon and has found a job with a geological consulting firm in the San Francisco area. His address is 172 East G Street, Benicia, CA 94510.

Jonathan Moore, '92, works at an internet security company by day and does sound design by night. "Look for my monster sounds on the P.C. game, Dawn of Darkness. You can reach me at jono@richochet."

Will Einstein, '93, is a community relations representative at Puget Sound Energy in Seattle.

Ivett Leyva, '93, Pasadena, California, is receiving a Ph.D. in aeronautics from Caltech.

Terry McAllister, '93, is a financial analyst with the Boeing Company in Seattle and, meanwhile, enjoys pottery making.

Lee Katherine Schoettler, '93, earned a master's in international management from Thunderbird and is job searching, especially in Mexico, Miami, and California. Email her at jono@richochet.

Christa Tomacheski, '93, received her master's degree. She teaches fifth grade in Fairfield, Idaho, and coaches both varsity and junior-varsity volleyball. (See Marriages.)

David Bach-y-Rita, '94, is an auditor for small nonprofits in the San Francisco area.

Jodi Belden, '94, North Bend, Washington, works at the King County prosecutors office in the juvenile court division after a hiatus to be with her daughter, Lille, 20 months.

Jenni Killen Crain, '94, graduated from Ohio State last June with a master's in vocal pedagogy and is now teaching voice privately. Brian Crain, '92, works in the children's services division of a neighboring county. The couple lives in Columbus.

Cindy Danica Ready, '94, has returned to Seattle. She works for Brainerd Foundation, helping to create the new Puget Sound Environmental Learning Center on Bainbridge Island.

Guillermo Sandoval, '94, Walla Walla, is assistant vice president in charge of community reinvestment for First Washington Bancorp, Inc., which includes First Savings Bank, Whatcom State Bank, and Seaport Citizen Bank.

Jamey Wolverton, '94, is a math teacher at Pacific Junior High School in Vancouver, Washington.

Benjamin Meyer, '95, has started his own company in San Francisco called Bay Area Marketing. His email address is

Chad Stewart, '95, has moved to 2114 S.E. Caruthers, #8, Portland, OR 97215-5466.

Chad Yoneda, '95, teaches at Northwest Polytechnical University in Xi'an under the Whitman in China program.

Jennie Close, '96, is a graduate student in neurobiology at the University of Washington. Her email address is

Ted Lawrence, '96, joined the Peace Corps to work as a forester in Senegal. A geology major at Whitman, he studied forestry at Colorado State University.

Ryan McFarland, '96, graduated from Cornell University law school where he was a member of the Law Review and moot court board. He has joined the Seattle firm of Perkins Coie.

Christopher Piekarski, '96, Portland, Oregon, received his J.D. from Willamette University.

Daniel J. Smith, '96, is a teaching associate at Arizona State University, working on his doctorate in Latin American avant-garde poetry. He has written one published article and contributed to two others. This summer, he is taking classes and teaching at ASU and a local community college.

Jessica Berg Swanson, '96, and Trygve Faste, '96, participated in an art show at the Skyline/IDEO Gallery in Palo Alto, California, in March.

Keri Bean, '97, joined the Peace Corps as a small business development advisor in Armenia.

Chris Bromley, '97, is studying law. Contact him at

Betsy Carter, '97, is teaching in the Whitman in China program at Yunnan University.

Danielle Garbe, '97, has won a Woodrow Wilson Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship. The award funds her studies toward a master's degree in public administration at Columbia University, where she will focus on international policy. She also will serve a summer internship, one in the U.S. and one overseas, and will work for the State Department for three years. Garbe was among 20 national finalists interviewed in Washington, D.C. Her interest in foreign service was sparked when Ryan Crocker, '71, then ambassador to Kuwait, visited the College in 1997. "I was not deterred by his stories of being bombed and kidnapped during his years working in the Middle East!"

Hythum Ismail, '97, is a federal agent with the Department of Justice/INS. "I am living in Brownsville, Texas, about 15 miles north of the Mexican border. I am also pursuing an M.B.A. and J.D. Send correspondence to"

Kara Monroe, '97, received her master of arts in teaching from the University of Puget Sound in May.

Chris Oze, '97, is studying for his doctorate in theoretical and environmental geochemistry at Stanford University. "After taming Tongariro and writing a New Zealand geology field guide, I returned from my research trip in New Zealand with only 200 sandfly bites. My current research focuses on the environmental impact of chromium released from chromite mines in the Mother Lode region of California."

Jaime Scates, '97, begins a three-year master of architecture program at the University of Washington this fall.

Jason Smith, '97, a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps, is an amphibious assault vehicle commander stationed with the second marine division in Camp Lejune, North Carolina.

Angela Spooner, '97, is in the M.S. physical therapy program at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. You can contact her at

Eric Stein, '97, is spending the summer with the Acting Company of the Utah Shakespearean Festival.

Laurel Webber-Gray, '97, completed her student teaching in Kennewick, Washington.

Elizabeth Whitt, '97, works in Paris as a translator while studying at Le Cordon Bleu. Her email address is

Jason Douangpanya, '98, works as a full-time research associate for the ICOS Corporation in Bothell, Washington.

Adrienne Jaross, '98, returned from adventures in Colombia and Peru and now works in a residential care home for children in Portland, Oregon.

Erin Kelly, '98, lives in Chinju City, South Korea, where she teaches English. Email her at

Michelle Korgan, '98, manages a bed and breakfast at the Heceta Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast.

Lyscha Marcynyszyn, '98, worked with inpatient psychiatry at Children's Hospital and Medical Center in Seattle last year. She spent six weeks in southern Africa during the spring. In the fall, she begins her doctoral work in developmental psychology at Cornell University.

Heather Riesen, '98, is a research associate with ICOS Corporation in Bothell, Washington.

Adam Graham-Squire, '98, is a Peace Corps volunteer in the village of Banya in Namibia, Africa. "I teach math (well) and English (poorly) for grades nine and 10, as well as ultimate frisbee and basketball in my spare time."

Melissa Lewis Schubert, '90, who married Ewan Magie last August, in Seattle, teaches at an alternative elementary school called The Room Nine Program. Ewan is a student at the University of Washington and a tends bar at the Latona by Greenlake Pub.

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