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Peter van Oppen

Whitman gave me access. Whether it was editing the Pioneer or getting Scoop Jackson"s internship in Washington, D.C., Whitman's opportunities were accessible. If you wanted to try something, you could. Participation did not require total specialization.

I especially remember the hours I spent at Dr. Fluno's home.1 It was easy to get to know your professors personally and I still have contact with more than one. I grew up in Los Angeles where I went to a large high school and had never experienced this kind of access before. It even made a difference getting into business school because I had great references from professors and others who knew me well.

Whitman gives you access to a plethora of choices in a way that you wouldn"t find many places. Access is critical in the business world, and because of Whitman I've had opportunities and contacts that have been very important to me.

Peter van Oppen, "74

Advanced Digital Information Corporation

Peter van Oppen is chair, CEO, and director of Advanced Digital Information Corporation in Redmond, Washington. He earned an M.B.A. at Harvard and began his career as a manager with Price Waterhouse in Seattle and New York. He worked for Bain & Company in Boston and London and subsequently served as vice president-international for Squibb Medical Systems. In 1987 he became head of Interpoint, a Redmond aerospace electronics firm, and he has served as CEO of Advanced Digital Information Corporation since it was acquired by Interpoint in 1994. Van Oppen is an overseer of Whitman College.

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