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March 2001

Alumni Business Leaders Reflect:

"Whitman Served Me Well"

Over the last few years, these pages have featured alumni physicists, physicians, educators, diplomats, writers, artists, and dramatists. There are Whitman graduates in virtually every profession, but by far the largest number enter the world of business, including many who have launched their own highly successful ventures.

On the following pages we feature 13 alumni an illustrative group only who are leaders in fields that range from investment management to manufacturing and from electrical contracting to software consulting. These entrepreneurs, CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, directors, and managers recall ways in which they learned at Whitman what it really takes to be a business innovator.

Among those qualities, says Oltac Unsal, '95, is the "humble confidence to take on any challenge, come what may."

Denise Savoie, '80
Peter van Oppen, '74
Bill Deshler, '64
Scott Greer, '81
Bonnie MacLean Abney, '62
Andrew Ferrari, '68
Dick Hunter, '65
Kenneth Willett, '74
Noelle McGlynn, '82
Jason Jercinovic, '91
Nola Kulig, '81
Kinji Yasu, '62

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