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Bonnie MacLean Abney

What did Whitman give to me that helped me in business? My answer is the confidence to step out into the corporate world and command attention to a better idea. This was a special gift to a woman of the class of 1962 generation.

From the scholarships to the work grants to the commitment of each and every professor, my time in Walla Walla was one of learning and validation. I remember, in particular, the supportive critique of Dr. Robert Whitner who would challenge my written work and encourage my arguments. Years later I found the confidence of Whitman was with me when I met with chief executive officers in those high-powered board rooms or remote Quonset huts to present my recommendations for their man-agement teams. Thanks, Whitman. You have been my companion in all the successes.

Bonnie MacLean Abney, '62

Abney International

1n 1976, Bonnie MacLean Abney founded Abney International, a performance management consulting firm. She developed and published Blueprint for Performance, a management system used by organizations to convert strategies into operational plans. Translated into eight languages, the approach is used by multi-national organizations to integrate cultures and focus team efforts. In addition, Abney designs performance-improvement initiatives to include incentive programs and performance-based training. Her most recent work has been with Caterpillar's European Division at their Training and Demonstration Center in Malaga, Spain. Abney and her husband have homes on Whidbey Island in Washington and in Sebastopol, California. She continues to consult for major companies.

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