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A book by Douglas Cole, '60, a professor of history at Simon Fraser University until his death in 1997, has been published posthumously. The book is Biography of Franz Boas: The Early Years 1858-1906 (University of Washington Press, 1999), published by the Simon Fraser Department of History.

Bill Ashworth, '65, is the author of The Left Hand of Eden: Meditations on Nature and Human Nature (Oregon State University Press, 1999), which won the 1999 Oregon Book Award for literary nonfiction. Ashworth, an Ashland, Oregon, librarian, has written about and participated in the environmental movement for many years. In The Left Hand of Eden he suggests that efforts to protect and preserve nature have not changed the attitudes that caused the destruction. He offers a provocative alternative: "Protect nothing; venerate everything."

Michael Bennett, '84, is co-editor of a collection of essays, The Nature of Cities: Ecocriticism and Urban Environments. Bennett, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, is assistant professor of English at Long Island University. The Nature of Cities was published in 1999 by The University of Arizona Press. It "bridges a historical gap between environmentalism, cultural studies, and urban experience," said Bennett. The essays provide "the ecological component often missing from cultural analyses of the city and the urban perspective often lacking in environmental approaches to contemporary culture."

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