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Chuck Cleveland: Dean of Students, Adviser, Mentor, Teacher

"Without doubt, it's the creativity of students and the energy they bring to all aspects of Whitman College," says Chuck Cleveland, when he's asked what he enjoys most about his position as dean of students. "I cherish the fact that every day is different." The dean of students' job, according to Cleveland, "is a real balancing act, between being students' friend, their mentor or advocate, and sometimes the person who has to lay down the law."

Cleveland studied sociology at Arizona State University and the University of New Hampshire. He enjoys teaching this fall, he taught the sociology department's course in criminal justice but the primary focus of his professional career has been in student services.

He came to Whitman in 1981 as assistant director of student support services, served as director of housing from 1985 to 1994, and that year was appointed dean of students.

"My central task," he says, "is to help students make positive choices in their lives. College is a time for experiment and growth, and sometimes the choices students make detract from the primary reason they are here that is, to get a Whitman education."

Chuck Cleveland enjoys working with a dedicated staff, including Donna Gardner, right.
Cleveland's largest project at the moment is overseeing the implementation of the Reid Campus Center, currently under construction. "My student services staff members have worked so hard," he notes, "in conjunction with so many others, to make this a reality." With the addition of the new campus center, Cleveland foresees "a re-energizing of students' extracurricular life."

Cleveland says, "These years in Walla Walla have been great for me and my family." His wife of 32 years is Pat Sorenson, a 1986 Whitman graduate who works in the Olin Hall office. They have a 12-year-old daughter, Molly. "We spend as much time as we can together as a family," says Cleveland. "Our favorite getaway is the Long Beach Peninsula on the coast. Long Beach is just beyond cell phone range. I like it that way."

Admission Dean John Bogley Exemplifies Whitman Character

Who better to gather to the Whitman campus new classes of hard-working and goal oriented students than John Bogley, '85, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, and winner of the Sires Whitner Prize in History?

John Bogley, '85, helps students make Whitman their choice.
Bogley, who leads the admission program at Whitman, pursued work in the field originally, he says, "because of my interest in seeing students make well-informed college choices. Whitman College is a place that makes a difference in the lives of those who attend, so working here was a natural."

Bogley began his career at Whitman, then broadened his experience with five years at the University of Puget Sound. But once a Whittie, always a Whittie: he rejoined the College in 1994, and became dean of admission and financial aid in July 1996.

"I am fortunate to interact with some of America's brightest and most active high school graduates," he says. "The opportunity to watch those students learn and grow during their time on campus is special." Bogley is in a unique position to follow the progress of Whitman students; through the admission process, he has known many of them since their junior or even sophomore years in high school. He often remains a friend and mentor to students he has recruited especially if they can offer him a challenge on the tennis courts.

In recent years, the admission process has become extremely complicated and competitive. With the increasing numbers of talented, well-prepared students applying to Whitman, however, the admission staff has been in the enviable position of admitting excellent first-year classes.

However, this does not mean that admission work at Whitman is without its challenges. Increasing ethnic diversity is one of them, Bogley notes. Another challenge is the distribution of financial aid over $10 million of Whitman scholarship and grant aid "in a fair and equitable manner," he says.

Bogley and his wife, Shauna Lilly Bogley, '83, have three children: Kathryn, 7; James, 3; and Mark, who was born on June 5. In his few leisure moments during his travels on behalf of Whitman, Bogley enjoys reading military history inspired, he says, by his history mentors at Whitman: Tom Edwards, Walt Weingart, and David Deal.

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