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Sophomore Summit

Sophomore Summit is the second step in the Career Coaching process. All members of the Class of 2025 will participate in a three-part series intended to build skillsets, preparedness, and understanding of the host of impactful experiences available outside of the classroom.

The series will begin with Core Workshops which cover five key areas that all students should know and use to seek-out ways to “test out” environments, organizations and possible career paths. Core Workshops will be offered in-person and asynchronously during the first three weeks of class.

The week of September 19th-23rd, sophomores will attend two or more virtual panels of alumni working across several career sectors. Attending these sessions will happen individually via Zoom or by dropping into a campus watch party to view with other interested classmates.

The series will culminate in a half-day conference during which we’ll dive deeper into the details of these various experiences, share how to pursue them, build skillsets that are relevant and access insights about the workplace.

By the end of the summit, students will:

  • Learn how to build compelling application materials
  • Extend their personal networks to seek out opportunity
  • Run an organized and productive research, internship, or job search
  • Meet alumni working in a variety of professional realms
  • Improve their performance in an interview
  • Build skillsets that are relevant to the experiences they pursue
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