Davis United World College Scholars are high-achieving, community service-oriented students who come to Whitman after graduating from a United World College international baccalaureate high school. Whitman is proud to be a Davis UWC Scholar partner schools. Our Davis UWC Scholars are an active and vital part of our campus culture. According to Whitman President George Bridges, “The Davis UWCEating Pizza Scholars contribute significantly to our efforts to create a more global campus; their unique perspectives, cultures, and world views serve to enrich and deepen the educational experience of all Whitman students.”

Whitman College shares many of the values of the United World Colleges, including a dedication to environmental responsibility and a strong involvement in community service. A strong interdisciplinary environmental studies program, a growing emphasis on global education, and an increasing number of off-campus experiential learning opportunities are highlights of our rigorous academic program.

Whitman’s Davis UWC Scholars are a cohesive group who are united by their shared backgrounds and their interest in bringing the values of the UWC movement to their college campus. They serve as a network of support for each other and as a source of inspiration and information to new students. You can learn more about our current students on their blogs.


About the Davis UWC Scholars Program: Philanthropist Shelby M.C. Davis founded the Davis UWC Scholars program in 2000 to, as their website says, “advance international understanding through education.” The Davis UWC Scholars Program has grown over the past decade into the largest international scholarship program for undergraduates in the world. In order to receive a Davis Scholarship, UWC graduates must choose one of the designated Davis partner schools and be accepted into the school on their own merits. For more information on Davis UWC Scholarships at Whitman College, contact the Office of Admission.

About the United World Colleges: The UWC program endeavors to make education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures in the pursuit of peace and a sustainable future by promoting personal responsibility, integrity, and an appreciation of diversity. There are currently thirteen UWC schools on five continents, each of which draws its student body from all over the world.

"American institutions of higher education could become better communities for learning if their student bodies became more internationally diverse and reflective of the real world around them. [...] We believe that fostering personal relationships between students who are different from one another will build an effective network of future leaders committed to mutual respect." –Philip O. Geier, Executive Director of Davis UWC Scholars Program


Whitman’s Davis UWC Scholars will be hosting the fourth annual UWC Northwest Summit on Whitman College Campus in October 2015.