Wellness Program Exercise Classes for the staff and faculty of Whitman College

Enrollment Fee: $45 per 15-week session (on average)  ♦  120 classes per session (on average)

THREE separate sessions are offered per school year ($45 enrollment fee for each session): Fall semester, Spring semester, and Summer

Download the printable enrollment form (PDF) and send it via Campus Mail to the Business Office (Mem 233) along with your check for $45 made out to “Whitman College.” Please drop off cash in person.

Family members who have current Whitman ID cards are also welcome to sign up for classes and are expected to also pay the $45 enrollment fee.

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Core Conditioning with Body Sculpting

A full body experience designed to build some muscle! With the use of resistance bands, physio balls, dumbbell weights and medicine balls, this fast paced and intense class is full of upper and lower body strength training, cardio, core and plyometric drills guaranteed to start your week the right way! What are you waiting for?

Instructor Stephen Garnett comes to Walla Walla from Arizona where he was a basketball and strength and conditioning coach for six years. He's an assistant coach on the Whitman men’s basketball team. Stephen is the founder/instructor of Overtime Training, an intense basketball program he created to work with the youth in the area on strengthening their skills but most importantly boost their confidence to an “I CAN” approach as opposed to “I think.” Garnett, a true fitness enthusiast, loves testing limits when it comes to physical training--from free weights to body weight push-ups, he's always trying to find new ways to make workouts as challenging and intense as possible!


Take time to gently stretch and relax through yoga poses that encourage the release of tension and the mind to let go. A focus on the breath (Prayanama) and traditional yoga poses (asanas) this class will start with a warm-up, move through Hatha yoga poses, some balance poses, and then end with meditation and relaxation (mindful consciousness). This class is designed for the busy person to relax and be refreshed, as well as give you a renewed sense of energy. Basic poses keep the class simple by design, but also allow anyone from novice to advanced practitioner to get into the yoga zone as you nurture mind, body and soul. Be forewarned: this class is addictive...try it, we know you will love it!

(Tuesday evening) Yoga Instructor Allie Keppel is a certified yoga instructor (200 RYT) with the American Yoga Alliance, and holds a BA in Dance from the University of Washington. She began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2000 to support an intensive professional dance career, and later developed a more inclusive practice informed by Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga.

Allie completed her yoga teacher training at the Balance Yoga Institut in Frankfurt in 2011. She has taught Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga in both Germany and the United States, and understands yoga as a mind/body practice which encourages healing and wellness.

(Friday noon hour) Yoga Instructor Rebecca Thorpe taught our indoor cycling class during the 2013-Fall MTM session; cycling and yoga are her favorite fitness classes to teach. In addition to her MTM classes, she also teaches yoga to Whitman's student body, as Adjunct Instructor of Sport Studies, with a B.A. from Gonzaga University and an M.A. from the University of Nevada.

Stretch & Strength, aka "Wise Exercise"

This class is aimed at EVERYONE! It features stretch, strength and balance in its repertoire, and will not disappoint! The class is 45 minutes, and will be taught in Sherwood Rm #223. Come dressed in clothes to move (no jeans) and layers that can be pared down. Light hand weights will be available, as will chairs which can be used as props for either standing or sitting. If you've been waiting for a class suitable for any fitness level, give this one a shot! It may be the perfect fit for you.

Instructor: Leslie Snyder holds national certifications with the American Council on Exercise as an advanced health and fitness specialist, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and as a health coach. She can be reached at lsnyder@wwymca.org or check out some fantastic wellness info on her blog!

Step Aerobics

Step was created in the late 80's as way to get a high intensity, yet low impact workout. With a portable platform with height adjustable risers, you will do choreographed exercise routines up, onto, down and around the step for great cardio fitness, as well as exceptional training to shape the lower body. Your coordination will be tested at times, but instructor Laura Cummings has been teaching this fun class for many years at the Y and she will help you figure it out. If you want strong legs, a gravity-defying rear, and a functionally fit core - step this way!


One of the classes we've tried that didn't take off for some reason was spinning, or indoor cycling. A few of us hard-core spinners were sad that it wasn't being funded any longer, so we created "Spinning By Committee" on Wednesdays over the noon hour. It is a participant-led class of sweaty lunatics who just Can't Stop Spinning! Unlike previous MTM sessions, we are NOT calling ahead to reserve bikes (there's a limited number of spinning bikes in the BFFC Mezzanine, aka "upstairs"). Instead, we just go to BFFC and hope for the best. Worst case scenario is that there wouldn't be room for everyone to spin, but the overflow people would be at an amazingly equipped gym, in workout gear, and could conceivably find something else to get them sweaty.

Brought to you by the Fringe Benefits Committee of Whitman College in cooperation with Michele Hanford, Fitness Facilities Director

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Please send an email to Debra Wright, wrightdl@whitman.edu.