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SFBC Minutes - Sept. 11, 2008

Members present: Ginni Delavan, Jeff Donahue, Sonja Aikens, Jason Arp, Jennifer McNeil, J. "Dag" D'Agostino, Marilyn Ponti. 

Members Absent: David Sprunger

Invited Guest: Cindy Matern


The meeting was called to order by the chair Gary "Dag" D'Agostino.

All members introduced themselves since we had new members present for the first time.

Dag passed out an agenda and information on our self insurance, Whitman's plan performance, what drives cost and our role on the committee. He also gave everyone the Staff Fringe Benefits Committee mission statement.

Cindy Matern, from Human Resources explained our health insurance program and presented the update on the 2007-08 insurance costs up to August based on the figures she had. She explained the cost of the insurance per employee and then the costs for dependents. Cindy also reported we had 3 large claims last year which was significant to the plan. A meeting is set for October 3rd at noon to meet with the firm parker, Smith and Feek to discuss next year.

Discussion followed with questions for Cindy and options we may want to look at. It was decided that we would send Cindy a list of questions that include:

  • Forecast on age, healthiness
  • Co-Pays- What is the cost to the plan Deductibles- What they cost the plan
  • X-Rays
  • Cash in lieu
  • Fund contingency reserve- History of stop loss
  • Babies

The committee will look at all the new information at the next scheduled meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 P.M.

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