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SFBC Minutes - October 31, 2012

Members Present: Maggi Banderas, Jeff Donahue, Stacey Giusti, Sherrie Kamara, Claudia Ness,  Deb Wright

Members Absent: Jason Arp, Chris Tarvin

Jeff Donahue shared the following hand out:

  • Committee Principles
  • Last year’s presentation by the health care consultants
  • The 2009 survey of our peer schools health care/benefits cost summary

Jeff said he expects the meeting with the insurance consultants scheduled for next week to review a similar format to last year explaining our current plan, 2012 costs, projection costs for final quarter, and the adjusted/recommended plan increases for 2013.

Last year the committee amended the bylaws to extend the chair position for another term. They also agreed to extend the committee member terms for another 2 years if they were willing to serve.

There was a brief discussion of pros and cons. It was recommended to revisit this at another meeting.

The staff and faculty fringe benefit committees agreed to separate unless there were issues that crossed both committees that needed more attention and consensus.

Jeff will email the committee members regarding monthly meetings:

Maggi Banderas agreed to update the website

Sherrie Kamara agreed to take minutes

Jeff recommended we email our areas of representation asking if there are fringe benefit issues that we need to address. 

Next SFBC meeting: TBA.

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