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SFBC Minutes - November 14, 2013

Members present: Maggi Banderas, Deb Wright, Chris Tarvin, Sherrie Kamara, Claudia Ness, Stacey Giusti 
Members absent: Chris Bishop, Jeff Donahue  


Minutes from last meeting were shared and will be posted onto Web site.

Whitman's insurance meets the minimum standards for Obama care. There may be some staff that would be eligible for federal healthcare or have questions about rates.  Deb suggested referring those types of questions to HR for the best advice.  

After meeting with the Faculty group and the insurance consultants, we do not expect any increases in cost for Whitman's current health care plan. And the Dental plan is expected to decrease in cost slightly for enrollees.    

Movement That Matters is going well with good attendance. It was requested to avoid Wednesday noon classes due to faculty forum. Other suggestions were to offer a less strenuous option for those who are just beginning a fitness program-this past session included Tai Chai that was moderately attended. Another gentle option is a mini, 5-week water aerobics session.  Yoga, and Stephens "Core" class are quite popular. Spinning is expected to be cut for the next session due to lack of attendance.  

The group agreed to not meet in December unless necessary.
The next scheduled meeting is January 9, 2014.

Minutes recorded by Sherrie Kamara

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