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SFBC Minutes - November 13, 2014

Members present: Stacey Giusti, Chris Bishop, Amber Pope, Bill Duncan , Maggi Banderas, Claudia Ness, Sherrie Kamara
Members Absent: Alexandra Jordan


  • September Minutes: Stacey moved to accept the minutes as is, Chris seconded, the minutes were approved Maggi will post them to the web site.

Old business:

  • Claudia reviewed the new additions/changes to our premara health care plan for the year. The changes include a reduction in premium payment, the addition of audio exams and limited hardware costs and a change in the eye exam/glasses coverage that is now under a VSPN.
  • Leave differences-between-faculty and staff: Faculty are on an annual contract and do not accrue vacation or sick time so their leave option differs from staff.

New business:

  • Broadening MTM-The question was asked if it would be useful to broaden the MTM idea to include some nutrition or other health ideas. Michelle Hanford asked that if we wanted to include something like this we would need a solid concept with planning and execution ideas. The group discussed this and decided it is worth further discussion. A format could be a small seminar/ over the lunch hour but more of a targeted time and focus as opposed to an on-going class.
  • It was suggested we survey the staff with the next MTM survey and ask what subjects, or ideas that might be helpful to present as seminar choices. Ideas that were expressed included, cholesterol testing, Julie Dunns old fitness model testing, nutrition class, sleep issues...
  • Telara had asked if we wanted to do a newsletter/bulletin each month. Our insurance brokers put out a bulletin each month which we could use as the basis. During the discussion the committee felt that including the bulletin in the Fountain as a link would be simple and easy to manage.  

Next meeting: December 11th, at 1:15 p.m. (2nd Thursday's of each month)

Minutes recorded by Sherrie Kamara

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