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SFBC Minutes - June 20, 2007

The Staff Fringe Benefits Committee (SFBC) met on June 20, 2007.  Gary D'Agastino (chair), Marilyn Ponti, Becky Kennedy, Ginni Delevan, Lee Keane, and Rick Fletcher attended.  Mark Beck attended as a representative of the Faculty Fringe Benefits Committee (FFBC).

The committee first discussed general committee guidelines, including the terms & elections, meeting frequency, communication methods, and information gathering methods, representation, and the prioritization of issues. The results can be found on the SFBC website under "Additional Information - About the SFBC".

Next the committee agreed to make a recommendation to the President's Council (PC) to include the SFBC in the appropriate governing documents of the college, similar to the inclusion of the FFBC in the Faculty Code.

After we discussed notifying staff that an external review of HR is taking place this summer.  This is one of many external reviews that are being conducted among different college offices at George Bridge's request. Admissions and Development have already conducted reviews.

Then we reviewed a spreadsheet of specific issues that had been raised by staff or committee members.  Following is a list of those issues, the next action required, their priority (A, B, or C), and status.

1.         Staff Development Day Mandatory Attendance: A request was made that Staff Development Day not be mandatory.  The question was brought to HR and PC as it is not relevant to this committee.  Closed.

2.         Exempt Staff Vacation Increase Schedule: A request was made to implement a schedule of increasing vacation hours earned for exempt staff based on years of service.  We will survey similar institutions and discuss at a future meeting.  Priority C. In Progress.

3.         Shared Leave Plan: This plan to allow staff to share accrued sick leave with other staff members in dire need.  The proposed plans and staff feedback will be compiled into three plan options and a survey will be sent to staff within the next two months, after which a proposal will then be made to PC.  Priority A. In progress.

4.         Comp Time: A request was made to allow supervisors to issue comp time for exceptional work. Committee will contact HR to determine legality.  Priority C. In Progress.

5.         Family Medical Leave Act if Both Spouses Employed at Whitman: If both spouses work at Whitman, only a total of 12 weeks are allowed for FMLA, rather than 24 if they had different employers.  Will be discussed with HR.  Priority A. In Progress.

6.         Dependent Coverage if Both Souses Employed at Whitman: Currently only one spouse can cover a child and receive the 50% coverage benefit.  Dual coverage should be offered.  Will be discussed with HR.  Priority B. In Progress.

7.         Vision Coverage: Requests were made to increase overall vision coverage as well as to cover lasik eye surgery. Will be reviewed during annual Medical Plan review in September.  Priority B. In Progress.

8.         Great West: Concern has been raised regarding Great West and physicians in town expressing dissatisfaction and no longer accepting Great West.  To be discussed with HR. Priority B. In Progress.

9.         Infant Childcare: Per George Bridge's request, in response to a faculty letter, a committee is being formed to discuss solutions for Infant Childcare.  While this does not fall under the scope of the SFBC, Marilyn Ponti will serve on that committee.  Closed.

10. Family Medical Leave: George Bridges requested we review the Staff Family Medical Leave policy to determine if it is sufficient for staff needs.  Will begin discussion at July meeting.  Priority A. In Progress.

11. Maternity/Paternity Leave: A request was made to review this policy and request consistency among budget officers for approval of plans.  Some allow only 12 weeks and others are more flexible.  Will begin discussion in July.  Priority B.  In Progress.

12. Fitness Center Hours/Usage: A policy is needed that clearly identifies the hours and eligible users of the fitness center.  Earlier and later hours have been requested.  Discussion will occur with the Fitness Center staff. Priority B. In Progress.

13. Insufficient Staffing Levels/Morale Decline: A request was made to discuss low morale and an overall feeling among staff that staffing levels are extremely low.  For example, new buildings are built causing great impact on the physical plant, custodians, security, and WCTS and rarely are new staff added. May not fall under the scope of this committee, but needs further discussion. Priority A.  In Progress.


Next meeting will be on 7/5/07.

Please submit feedback or additional recommendations to the committee via your department's representative, to the chair, or via the SFBC website feedback form.
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