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SFBC Minutes - February 27, 2015

Members present: Claudia Ness, Bill Duncan, Chris Bishop,  Maggi Banderas, Alexandra Jordan, Amber Pope, Sherrie Kamara, Stacey Giusti


Old business:

  • Dec minutes reviewed, approved for publication as is
  • Newsletter follow-up regarding insurance carrier's newsletter and adding it to the Fountain. Maggi will check with Telara on the newsletter and send to Fountain per the committee recommendation. The committee discussed several ideas related to nutrition. Ideas discussed were: easy eating options, local produce options, a 3 week series on eating, lunch options. The limiting factors are cost, time, organization and interest.    The committee felt that starting with some Fountain inserts followed by a survey in late May for interest would be a good starting point.  
  • MTM survey and possibility of nutrition additions-Claudia talked with Michelle. Michelle said she would want very specific questions and ideas if we wanted to add this to the survey. She also feels that they are pretty maxed out with space and offerings for staff.  

New business:

  • The April meeting will include the faculty committee. Sally Borte from Parker Smith and Feek will review Whitman's insurance utilization so far, and The Retirement Plan Advisory Committee has arranged for the plan's financial adviser (not associated with TIAA CREF), Dick Shafter, Well and Good Retirement Investment Advisers, to visit Whitman's campus regarding his role on behalf of Whitman.

    The Date of that meeting is Wednesday, April 22, time to be determined.

Next meeting: Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 

Minutes recorded by Sherrie Kamara

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