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SFBC Minutes - February 20, 2014

Members present: Deb Wright, Jeff Donahue, Chris Bishop, Sherrie Kamara, Maggi Banderas, Claudia Ness, Chris Tarvin
Members absent: Stacey Giusti  


Additional info tabon website-Debra brought up the following topics:

  • Discussion about the number of people on the Staff Fringe Benefits Committee since a new budget officer started in January.  Should we change from 8 to 9 representatives? Currently the chair does not vote. Debra talked with Peter and he suggested leaving the number the same but dropping 1 rep from either the Treasurer's Office or the Dean of Students. The committee felt that was acceptable. We will need to reword that section under Terms & Elections.
  • Communication Methods: The committee felt that the web site was the best and only method of communication needed except for a few important announcements that can be included in the fountain or other means. We also felt it was not necessary to have a President's Council representative assigned from the group. If there was something important that needs to be presented to PC, the committee would ask the President's Office to allow a SFBC member to present the topic at a PC meeting.   

Review of "Fringe Benefits Committee Summary, August 2011", and "Statement of Principles of Benefits" 

  • Debra reminded the committee of these two documents that provide guidelines for us. The summary article is a historical reminder of an issue that created a great deal of unrest amongst College employees (both staff and faculty).  Both are good references for new members of the SFBC.  

Other discussion items:

  • Jeff observed that the Credit union has not been to campus for several years and wondered if we could initiate a visit?
  • We will invite Telara McCullough, Manager of Compensation and Benefits, to our next meeting and have her tell us what they tell new employees. Then maybe we could help fill in any gaps.
  • A reminder to query our constituents regarding any issues, encouraging them to use the online feedback form with any questions or suggestions. This form allows them to remain anonymous if they wish.  

Next meeting:  Thursday, March 13, at 1:30 p.m.    

Items for action:

  1. Number of people on committee, and a new representative from the development office?
  2. Reword Communication methods paragraph.
  3. Maggi to change routing on website of anonymous form so it goes to current Chair
  4. Invite Telara to next meeting

Minutes recorded by Sherrie Kamara

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