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SFBC Minutes - February 19, 2013

Members Present: Jason Arp, Jeff Donahue (Chair), Stacey Giusti, Sherrie Kamara, Claudia Ness, Chris Tarvin, Deb Wright

Members Absent: Maggi Banderas


Jeff asked if we wanted to ask the administration to reduce the 5% that employees contribute to medical insurance premiums. The consensus of the committee was that this is a permanent cost for employees, and not worth the effort for a reduction. It was agreed that if the administration wants to increase the fee we would need to reexamine the issue.

It was asked: What is the norm for our comparison institutions in the area regarding medical cost for employees?

We worked with the faculty fringe benefits committee for the health benefit issues a couple years ago but now the faculty wants to work independently of the staff as the issues and benefits are different. If there is a need to work together on common benefits, we can join committees as needed.

Bylaws: Last year the bylaws were amended on a temporary basis to allow the chair of the committee to continue for a period of one year, beyond the term which will expire June 30, 2013. There was a discussion and a lot of confusion on the length of the terms that representatives are expected to fulfill.

The Bylaws need to be addressed: it is recommended that we all read the bylaws and come to the next meeting with recommendations and prepare to make them final before the end of June when they expire. Any changes need to go before the Presidents Council for approval.

Within the bylaws is a definition of member terms and a procedure for recruiting new members. There was a discussion about how new members are selected, including seeking volunteers for the committee, and selection by budget officers. Current members could work with this idea and help recruit or urge people who would be strong voices for staff representation.

Meeting dates were set for the second Thursday of the month. It was agreed if there was no reason to meet we did not have to meet monthly.

Minutes recorded by Sherrie Kamara

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