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SFBC Minutes - December 11, 2014

Members present: Claudia Ness, Bill Duncan, Chris Bishop,  Maggi Banderas, Alexandra Jordan, Amber Pope, Sherrie Kamara
Members Absent: Stacey Giusti
Guests: Telara McCullough, Dennis Hopwood


Old business:

  • Reminder to Sherrie to send minutes to committee prior to meeting for approval.
  • Claudia contacted Michele Hanford to discuss the possibility of adding a few interest questions about adding some classes on nutrition or other health related issues to her annual survey? She said she is not sure when she will survey but probably not until late spring.

New business:

  • Claudia introduced Telara and Dennis and thanked them for their work on behalf of the College and the staff.
  • Claudia reminded us that our (staff) voices are equal when we have joint committee meetings.
  • Telara reviewed the difference between staff and faculty regarding family leave.  Staff benefits include accruing vacation and sick time. Faculty do not accrue vacation or sick time but have a family leave benefit.  Dennis explained there are federal and state laws regarding family leave and they have some differences, but guarantee the time off with job security upon return. It is up to the employer whether that is paid time off.
  • Health insurance at retirement benefit difference was summarized by Telara. Historically faculty and staff that have been at the College before 1992 receive a health care subsidy towards Medicare upon retirement. Faculty who stopped teaching but worked for the College on other matters were paid a salary continuation option.
  • The asked about the publication of donated sick time to other staff that may need it.  So far there is not a lot of donated time but there is need and so far no one has been turned down for needed time. Dennis said if people are hesitant about asking about the need that their supervisor is usually in the office alerting HR to the need. The committee asked if HR could send a reminder about the option to donate sick time for others and to remind people if they don't use the time and reached their limit they no longer accumulate time.  
  • Hr pays attention to market competitiveness, benefits and compensation as we compare to our peers and local employment institutions. They survey every year.  
  • The open enrollment mtg attendance was good for the first meeting with the majority of the physical plant staff present but not worth it for the other meeting.
  • Telara reminded us that the new VSP glasses coverage uses the employees social security # as an ID for the benefit.
  • TIAA-Creff has a new amendment that includes a Roth IRA.
  • Claudia told Telara we are interested in adding the news letter from our insurance broker into the Fountain Newsletter as link.  

Next meeting: Thursday, February 12th, 2015 at 1:15 p.m. (2nd Thursday's of each month)

Minutes recorded by Sherrie Kamara

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