Members present: Maggi Banderas, Deb Wright, Chris Tarvin, Sherrie Kamara
Members absent:  Claudia Ness, Stacey Giusti, Chris Bishop, Jeff Donahue  


Short discussion on who is currently on the committee. Deb will share the term information for each member with Maggi for posting on the Web which will serve as a good reminder about terms and end dates.  Deb will investigate whether or not there is an additional member assigned to the SFBC when the new budget officer position in Communication is filled.  

Deb shared a handout of the terms and guidelines for the committee. This is also posted on Web.  

Deb talked about the success of the "Movement that Matters" wellness program of exercise classes and shared the schedule. The cost is $45 per session for any of the 5 classes that are offered per week, for 14 weeks during the Fall session. She has worked with Rachna Sinnot for a possible grant to help fund the program through Premera. 

We will apply again next year, with the knowledge gained in this first application.   We will meet soon with the insurance brokers, Parker Smith & Feek, regarding new federal guidelines and expectations for renewal of the health insurance plan for 2014.  

The next scheduled meeting will be held Oct. 10, 1:30 p.m.  

Minutes recorded by Sherrie Kamara