Annual Health Insurance renewal meeting
Thursday, May 15, 2014, in Reid 207  

Faculty Compensation and Staff Fringe Benefits committee presentation by:
Sandy Borte (of Parker, Smith, and Feek, the insurance broker for Whitman College)  

Attending: Dennis Hopwood, Telara McCullough, Deb Wright, Chris Tarvin, Claudia Ness, Peter Harvey, Sherrie Kamara, Maggi Banderas, and faculty representatives.

Dennis said the HR office is working on updating and adding specifics to two benefit documents to present to the Board of Trustee in the fall. The documents include the 403B Plan Document, and the Summary Plan Description. He gave examples of some of the intended changes and will share the draft documents with the committees prior to the board meeting.  

Sally presented information on the following areas (the PowerPoint slides will be made available on the Staff Fringe Benefits website):

  1. Healthcare Reform Update
  2. Plan Performance-so far Whitman is where we would expect to be at this time of year maybe even a little under our projected use.
  3. Routine and Preventive care benefits-Routine physicals are a free benefit and we are not utilizing it as much as they would like. Ideas for increasing awareness included some email reminders and a Fountain article.
  4. Telara reviewed the EAS benefits- see thread below: under Life, Voluntary Life, Disability insurance click on Cigna Life Assistance Program
  5. Telara forwarded the committees detailed research information on transgender procedures prior to the meeting. There was a brief discussion with a more detailed discussion to follow in the fall.  

PowerPoint Presentation slides - from Sally Borte

Cigna Life Assistance Brochure

SFBC member update:
The following people are cycling off the committee as of June 1, 2014                   

  • Deb Wright-Business Office                   
  • Jeff Donahue-Physical Plant                   
  • Chris Tarvin-Admission          

Claudia Ness agreed to be the Chair as of June 1, 2014          

Next meeting: June 12th, at 1:30 p.m. (2nd Thursday's of each month)

Minutes recorded by Sherrie Kamara