MTM Staff

  • Deb Wright

    Deb Wright

    MTM manager & committee member

    The MTM exercise classes all started with a spinning class that was offered to staff and faculty weekly for just four weeks and I thought, "I have GOT to have more of that!" I'm proud to have been involved in a program that promotes good health, camaraderie, and gets us all away from our keyboards for an hour.

  • Rebecca Thorpe

    Rebecca Thorpe

    yoga and Buti yoga instructor, MTM committee member

    I'm passionate about bringing my best to class every day. I love learning new ways to teach by taking lots of classes from other instructors and pursuing various certifications.

  • Leslie Snyder

    Leslie Snyder

    core conditioning instructor

    Leslie is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, Spartan coach and certified nutrition coach. Leslie loves to incorporate functional moves into every class so that you come away with a stronger mind, body and confidence.

  • Christel Joy Johnson

    Christel Joy Johnson

    yoga instructor

    Teaching yoga is a passion for me.  I try to bring my passion to every class in order to share anything that may potentially help you find what you need to live a balanced life.

  • Michel Hanford

    Michel Hanford

    MTM founder and committee member

    My philosophy in class is "teach to the back row" so that the desired outcome is pulled through the whole class.  Exercise is the cure for anything ailing your mind, body or soul!

  • Laura Cummings

    S.W.A.T. Instructor and MTM committee member

    I am here to help motivate you to become more active and have fun! I teach a step cardio workout which has lasted for decades for a simple reason - it delivers results.

  • Jennifer Cedeno

    Jennifer Cedeno

    stretch and strength instructor

    I am a certified personal trainer and holistic nutritionist.  I am passionate about educating, empowering, and guiding others toward optimal health.