1998-1999 - Filumena

Production: Filumena
Year: 1998-1999
Playwright: Eduardo de Filippo
Director: Deborah Holmes
Set Design: Thomas G. Hines
Costume Design: Brenna Holcomb
Lighting Design: Mary Kate Anderson, Aaron Blank, Shawn Lamont, Jaimes Valdez
Sound Design:
Props Design:
Stage Manager:
Tech. Director: Alan McEwen
Caption: Ardeth Kiraly, Jacob Crouch
Cast: Michella Lind (Filumena), Hollis Erikson (Domenico), Jacob Crouch (Alfredo), Kathleen Schlemmer (Rosalia), Anna Mains (Diana), Ardeth Kiraly (Lucia), Brian Sheridan (Michele), Kevin Rittner (Umberto), Stephen Agans (Riccardo), Chris Mays (Nocella), Katie Fifer (Teresina), Philip Kopczynski (Waiter #1), Jimmy Maize (Waiter #2)

Adapted by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall

Stage Manager: Emily Johnson; Properties: Anne Ashby, Maggie Ricklefs; Sound Design: Jennifer Anaya; Production Crew: Kate Carlson, Meghan Daaboul, Rachel Melcher; Fight Choreographer: Amanda Walker

Faculty: Thomas G. Hines, Deborah Holmes, Barbara Stone, Parke Thomas, Alan McEwen, Cheryl Wagaman

House Staff: Romy Ruukel, Melinda Kahre, Elizabeth Bugbee, Cecily Overman, Suzy Oversvee, Carrie Pedersen; Electricians/Sound Technicians: Aaron Blank, James Craske, Cy Eaton, Sonja Peterson, Jamie Powell-Herbold; Costume Shop: Wendy Blake, Sarah Hibert, Brenna Holcomb, Jen Jones, Anna Mains, Julie Miller, Cecily Overman; Shop Crew: Mary Kate Anderson, Lezlie Cross, Jacob Crouch, Ardeth Kiraly, Sarah Koenigsberg, Shawn Lamont, Michella Lind, Matt Robins, Trevor Storch, Eliza Sulzbacher, Ellen Whitlock; Publicity: Aaron Blank, Taha Ebrahimi, Tiffany Meyers, Sonja Petersen; Photographer: Ryan Flood
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