1980-1981 - Pippin

Production: Pippin
Year: 1980-1981
Playwright: Roger O. Hurson and Stephen Schwartz
Director: Janelle Keane
Set Design: David S. Birn
Costume Design: Danetta Cox
Lighting Design: David S. Birn
Sound Design:
Props Design:
Stage Manager:
Tech. Director:
Pat Falls, Scott Campbell, Kevin Loomer, Brett DeLallo, Shauna Lilly, JoAnne Rasmussen, Sarah Huntington Rossell, Chris Carson, Brian Tomkins, Rob Fredrick, Frank Lott, Tom Fields, Katie McGregor, Ida Lee Hutson, Corrie Duryee, Christina Mastin, Carol McCrory, Patty Mathieu, Barbara Swanson, Julie Jelmberg, Kirsten Skrinde
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