1980-1981 - Romeo and Juliet

Production: Romeo and Juliet
Year: 1980-1981
Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: John Freimann and Mike Callaway
Set Design: David Birn
Costume Design: John Freimann
Lighting Design: Nancy Simon
Sound Design:
Props Design:
Stage Manager:
Tech. Director:
Pat Falls, Craig Holbrook, Sim Osborn, James Suave, Doug Miller, Dana Williams, Christopher Faville, Frank Lott, Brett DeLallo, Bernd K. Estabrook, James Michelson, Peter Kelley, Lance Norris, Kevin Loomer, Ray Chapman, Steve Harland, Doug Miller, Dean Bethmann, Todd Froyd, Don Johnson, Julie Bayer, Susan Metzger, Isabel Endlichhofer, Kirsten R. Becker, Samira Unker, Jan Pistrang, Alicia Lombardi, Brenda Cameron, Ervin Shoemaker, Wilma Eiseman, Lucy Peckham, Vangie Bonds, Erin Bonds, Mike Neff
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