1970-1971 - Hadrian VII

Production: Hadrian VII
Year: 1970-1971
Playwright: Peter Luke
Director: Brian O'Reilly
Set Design: James Christopher Rice
Costume Design: Christenia Alden
Lighting Design: Henry Van Doren
Sound Design: Nancy Simon, Joy Ungricht
Props Design: Judith Gardner, Neil Twitchell
Stage Manager: Shelley Jones
Tech. Director:
Caption: Michael Mullins, Todd Queen, Kim Kovak
Performed April 9-10, 16-17, 1971.

Cast: John Raymond Freimann (Fr. William Rolfe); Valerie Norwood (Mrs. Crowe); Ron DeLay (Bailiff, Dr. Courtleigh); Steven Steenmeyer (Bailiff, Dr. Talacryn); Mary Metastasio (Agnes); Peter Ashbaugh (Cardinal-Archdeacon); Michael Mullen (Father St. Albans); Kim Kovac (Cardinal Berstein); Todd Queen (Cardinal Ragna); Leonard Pailet (Rector of St. Andrews College); Thomas Martin (George Arthur Rose); Ray Johnston (Cardinal Vivdi); Guards and Students: Michael Green, Michael Jacobs, David Niklas, Ken Tieck; Acolytes: Kevin McClure, Jeff Schields; Terry McConn (Charmberlain)

Asst. Lighting: Rob Anderson; Crew: Martin LeBow, Andrew Niemyer, Timothy Ramey

HJT Staff: Director: John Raymond Freimann; Asst. Director: Nancy Simon; Technical Asst.: Brian O'Reilly; Asst.: James Rice; Secretary: Lillian McClure; Costume Mistress: Christenia Alden; Assts.: Judith Gardner, Chris Clark, Jan Dronberger; Lighting: Timothy Ramey; Assts.: Steve Carlson, Tim Ashmore; Publicity: Patrick Fraley, Kim Kovac; Properties: Todd Queen; Office Asst.: Joy Ungricht; House Manager: Kent Minthorn; Asst. Shelley Jones; Lab Assts.: Patrick Fraley, Brad High, Michael Mullen, Barbara Wilson; Asst. to Designer: Henry Van Doren
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