1950-1951 - Two Blind Mice

Production: Two Blind Mice
Year: 1950-1951
Playwright: Samuel Spewack
Director: Dorothy Crutchfield
Set Design: Joe McDonnal
Costume Design:
Lighting Design:
Sound Design: Janet McCain, Rod Bunnell, Paul Hoerlein
Props Design: Janet McCain, Rod Bunnell, Paul Hoerlein
Stage Manager: Nancy DuPay
Tech. Director:
Caption: Mary Ann Ramsay, Chris Nickolas
Performed December 7, 8, 12, 14, 15, 16, 1950, at Whitman Theatre, 21 Idaho Street.

Cast: Pat Sellen (Mrs. Letitia Turnbull); Mary Ann Ramsey (Miss Crystal Hower); Jerry Martin (Mr. Murray); Emily Ott (Miss Johnson); Rod Bunnell (Mailman); Carl Hebenstreit (Tommy Thurston); Dick Elliott (A Visitor); Joe McDonnal (Simon); Joan Holderman (Karen Norwood); Don Miller (Wilbur F. Threadwait); Paul McMullen (Major John Grok); Bill Strange (Lt. Col. Robbins); Chris Nickolas (Commander Thomas Jellico); Brad Lucas (Dr. Henry McGill); Duane Weeks (Sergeant); Lee Snider (Charles Brenner); Phil Griffiths (Ensign Jameson); Brian Griffin (Senator Kruger)

Asst. Stage Manager: Carole Davidson; Electrician: Bill LeCarron; Costume Mistress: Virginia Baker; Promptress: Betty Sorenson, Phillis Russell; House Manager: Kari Bond; Advertising Manager: Nancy Turner; Asst. Director: Joe McDonnal; Director of Whitman Theatre: Rod Alexander
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