1947-1948 - The Playboy of the Western World

Production: The Playboy of the Western World
Season: 1947-1948
Playwright: John Millington Synge
Director: Frederick J. Hunter
Set Design:
Costume Design:
Lighting Design:
Sound Design:
Props Design:
Stage Manager: Verl Rogers
Tech. Director:
Caption: Ella Holloway, Peggy Peach, Rhea Riehl, Carlan Heathcote, Tom Owens, Bettymae Sperry
Presented by the Sophomore Class and the Whitman Dramatic Club in the Chapel, Whitman College; May 6-8, 1948.

Cast: Bettymae Sperry (Margaret Flaherty); John Van House (Shawn Keogh); Gordon Jaynes (Michael James Flaherty); Lee Snider (Philly Cullen); John Bachstein (Jimmy Farrell); Tom Owens (Christopher Mahon); Rhea Riehl (Widow Quinn); Carlan Heathcote (Sara Tansey); Ella Holloway (Susan Brady); Peggy Peach (Honor Blake); John Faucette (Old Mahon); Don Dundas (Bellman); Crowd: Donald Shawe, David Howells

Asst. Director: Don Dundas; Asst. Stage Managers: Don Shaw, Nancy Turner, Jane Cutter; Costume Mistress: Stuart Hoffman; Assts.: Jean Olson, Mary Jo Reed; Properties Manager: Ruth Howe; Assts.: Allen McFarland, Anita Starr, Marianne Marble; Lighting Technician: Ken Courtney; Make-Up: Carol Comer

Business Manager: David Howells; Publicity Manager: Joan White; Assts.: Carmen Greenstreet, Peggy Ann McGirr, Nancy De Puy, Barbara Hayden, Bonnie Marolf, John Bachstein, Barbara Thomson, Frances Copeland; Programs: Caroline Bond; House Manager: Jane Meadowcroft; Assts.: La Rene Bushnell, Nancy De Puy, Jan Steinke, Wanda Armstrong, Midge Sylvester, Jean Vaara, Margie Whitney, Marian Stelling, Barbara Vianello, Clarice Smikle, Barbara Ulrich, Celia Rooney, Diana Middleton, Mary Beth Sterneman, Elizabeth Bishop, Caryll Elder, Janet Richardson, Pat Sugg; Tickets: Ella Holloway; Assts.: John Pennington, Bob Mahan, Craig Esary, Jean Hills, Mary Lyman
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