1947-1948 - Dover Road

Production: Dover Road
Season: 1947-1948
Playwright: A. A. Milne
Director: Frederick J. Hunter
Set Design:
Costume Design: Polly Hanson
Lighting Design: Jack Williams
Sound Design: Verl Rogers
Props Design: Nancy Turner
Stage Manager: Dave Hartley
Tech. Director:
Caption: Shirley Hayes, Bettymae Sperry, Dave Howells, Tom Owens, Paul Alexander
Performed by The Whitman Dramatic Club "on the campus," December 11-13, 1947.

"Lighting" and "Sound" are credited for the first time in a Whitman College production.

Business Manager: Dick Johns; Asst.: Muriel Kanalele; Asst. Stage Manager: Dave Peyton; Ticket Sales: Doreen Magnuson; Publicity: Marion Cordes; House Manager: Jane Meadowcroft; Programs: Helen Cobb; Make-up: Elizabeth Murphy

Cast: Don Travis (Dominic); The Staff: Petie Willis, Mary Jean Null, John Van House, Gordon Jaynes; David Howells (Latimer); Paul Alexander (Leonard); Shirley Hayes (Anne); Bettymae Sperry (Eustasia); Tom Owens (Nicholas)

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