1944-1945 - Kind Lady

Production: Kind Lady
Season: 1944-1945
Playwright: Edward Chodorov
Director: Mrs. W. R. Davis
Set Design:
Costume Design:
Lighting Design:
Sound Design:
Props Design: Adele Harris
Stage Manager: Janet Pink
Tech. Director:
Caption: Ralph Breshears, Helene Harding, Irene Chetwood, Richard Ballard, Claire Allgaier
Performed at the Capitol Theatre on February 2, 1945.

Clearly, someone discovered dramatic lighting and is very excited.

Noted in newspaper review: "A record audience enjoyed this unusual psychological drama of menacing coercion, a credit to any amateur group. Mrs. W. R. Davis, the director, has always had a real talent for casting her plays [. . .]. It has always seemed a pity that she has not had an adequate theatre in which to produce the college plays. Most college dramatic departments as old as the one at Whitman, own the most modern equipment that is available. Mrs. Davis has always been able to produce interesting plays in spite of the fact that such equipment has not been provided for her. Perhaps some day such a stage will be built for the college, properly acknowledging the efforts of this pioneer in dramatic arts in the Northwest much as the stadium was named to honor the much loved 'Nig' Borleske."

Business Manager: Carolyn Nelson; Assts.: Mary Harcus, Jean Howe, Patricia Pocock; Publicity: Gwen Funk; Assts.: Harold Cochran, June Berkey, Sara Lloyd; Ticket Salesmen: Elinor Barnes, Mary Bell, Leola Dregnie, Mary Ellen Edwards, Nadine Ellis, Pat McCall, Pat Stamm, Frank Roberson, Will Scott; Ushers: Barbara Ames, Virginia Ames, Marianne Anderson, Jean Barker, Leola Dregnie, Mary Ellen Edwards, Beverly Johnson, Muriel Kanahele, Pat McCall, Barbara Mears, Mary Peringer; Asst. Stage Managers: William Lake, James Marshall, Norman Robbins, Shirley Anderson, Peggy Gaiser, Melissa Roessler, Marolyn Smith, Priscilla Willis, Virginia Ames, Barbara Ames, Jean Barker, Muriel Kanahele, Pat McCall; Cues: Annabelle Hall, Tommie Lou Rush; Properties Assts.: Annabelle Hall, Pat Doersch, Mary Grace Bassett, Tommie Lou Rush, Anne Preston; Costume Assts.: Janet Elder, Virginia Elliott, Jackie Gorrie, Janet Whitehead; Make-up: Norman Kelly, Virginia Armstrong

Cast: Miriam Hart (Miss Foster); Irene Chetwood (Mary Herries); Sue Hartley (Lucy Weston); Mary Jane Shearer (Rose); Dorothy Wright (Phyllis Glenning); Kirk Barnes (Peter Santard); Ralph Breshears (Henry Abbott); Claire Allgaier (Ada); Norman Robbins (Doctor); Richard Ballard (Mr. Edwards); Helene Harding (Mrs. Edwards); Sara Lloyd (Aggie Edwards); Janet Elder (Miss Rosenberg); Beth Andrews (Maid)
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