1942-1943 - Stage Door

Production: Stage Door
Season: 1942-1943
Playwright: Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman
Director: Mrs. W. R. Davis
Set Design:
Costume Design: Jane Smith, Shirley Stocker, Kay Webster, Lee Coultas
Lighting Design: Frank Wood
Sound Design:
Props Design: Coralie Kuhns, Lila Lee, Pat Smith, Pat Yeend, Marjorie Weisgerber, Joyce Lamereaux, Betty Matlock
Stage Manager:
Tech. Director:
Caption: Chuck Ackley, Norma Cooper, Margit Larson
Performed in the Wa-Hi Auditorium, November 26, 1942.

Business Manager: Betty Tobey; Pulicity: Marjorie Hadden, Jackie Casey, Verna Sinema, Barbara Boyd, Marianna McKenney, Jim Brooks; Ticket Sales: Al Abshire, Janice Johnston, Kay Stephens, Ellen Heath, Janet Elkins, Betty Davis, Bob Turner, Dick Myers, Scotty Campbell; Ushers: Kay Stephens, Jackie Casey, Sally Sears, Mary Ann Martin, Barbara Boyd, Carol Brusegaard; Stage: Harry Bidlake, Willis Aschoff, Bob Mercer, Ross Harcus, Dick Davenport, Glenn Kinman, Joanne Oakes, Pat Smith, Sally Storm, Mary Swan, Betty Blaine, Mary Wylie; Cues: Louise Mohn, Fred Phillips; Makeup: Norman Kelly, Virginia King, Bob Drumheller, Elaine Harvey, Pat Smith, Judith Hartley, Jeanne Roesch, Sally Storm, Jane Vestal, Annamae Winship

Cast: Pat Reynolds (Olga Brandt); Mary Lois Brown (Bernice Niemeyer); Dorothy Steen (Susan Paige); Mary Boice (Mattie); Mary Radebaugh (Mary Harper); Margie Moss (Mary McCune); Dorothy Corkille (Madelaine Vauclaine); Jean Feek (Judith Canfield); Pat Knight (Ann Braddock); Janet Fairbank (Mrs. Orcutt); Norma Cooper (Kaye Hamilton); Patty Marum (Pat Devine); Jerry Talbot (Jean Maitland); Shirley Lou Walton (Bobby Melrose); Margaret Johnston (Louise Mitchell); Lydia Sutherland (Kendall Adams); Preston Macy (Frank); Margit Larsen (Terry Randall); Bill Judd (Sam Hastings); John Sutherland (Jimmy Devereaux); Howard Elofson (Fred Powell); Sam Farmer (Lou Mihauser); Ivan Ferguson (David Kingsley); Charles Ackley (Keith Burgess); Roy Pierce (Dr. Randall); Claire Allgaire (Ellen Fenwick); Helene Harding (Tony Gillette); Bill Church (Larry Westcott); Gordon Rogers (Billy); Jim Brooks (Adolf Gretzl)
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