1941-1942 - Winterset

Production: Winterset
Season: 1941-1942
Playwright: Maxwell Anderson
Director: Mrs. R. W. Davis
Set Design: Charlene Jackson
Costume Design: Margaret Heath
Lighting Design:
Sound Design:
Props Design: Marion Aiton, Mary Kay De Vos
Stage Manager:
Tech. Director:
Performed in Memorial Hall, April 9-10, 1942.

Construction: Beth Lange, Helen Haigh, Bob Ballard, Jackie Krum, Jane Stants, John Reynolds, Tod Burnam, Ed Adams, Margaret Owens, Helen Lindsay, and Harold Frank; Stage Crew: Harold Frank, Wallace Smith, Bob Southwood, Willis Taylor; Off-stage Effects: Dorothy Fuller, Mary Kay De Vos; Programs: Anne Winstead; Makeup: Norman Kelly, Ashton O'Donnell, Eleanor Roberts, Barbara Barnes, Don Stewart, Virginia King; Ushers: Norma Cooper, Marjorie Stewart, Phyllis Stedman, Anne Winstead, Bonnie Busch, Virginia Washburn, Helen Haigh, Elizabeth Tortsagian, Barbara Brigham, Carolyn Young

Cast: Tod Burnam (Trock), Ed. Adams (Shadow); Ashton O'Donnell (Garth); Joan Martin (Miriamne); Ken Hupp (Esdras); Bob Ballard (Hobo); Jane Staats (First Girl); Marian Love (Second Girl); Jim Crosby (Judge Gaunt); Bill Byrd (Mio); Frank Woods (Carr); Charles Mills (Herman); Bruce Cowan (Lucia); Louise Mohn (Piny); Ted Griswold (Sailor); Fred Phillips (Policeman); Howard Petterson (Radical); Tom Damon (Sergeant); Street Urchins: Mary Kay De Vos, Eleanor Roberts; Two Men in Serge: John Reynolds, Dave Howells
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