1930-1931 - IF

Production: IF
Season: 1930-1931
Playwright: Lord Dunsany
Director: Mrs. W. R. Davis
Set Design:
Costume Design: Helen Palmquist
Lighting Design:
Sound Design:
Props Design: Alice Henneberger
Stage Manager: John Clemmer
Tech. Director:
Cast: Grant Marsh (John Beal); Dorothy Robinson (Mary Beal); Audrey Tweed (Liza); Ralph Fisher (Ali); Clark Lamb, Clinton Corliss (Bill and Bert); Roderick Klise (The Man in the Corner); Myrtle Ricketts (Miralda Clement); Sidney Cottle (Hafiz El Alcolahn); Kenneth Davis (Daoud); Robert Brome (Archie Beal); Lester Actor (Bazzalol); Donald Colwell (Thoothoobaba); William Perry (Ben Hussein); Alice Jean Hogue (Shabeesh); Grayce Clark (Zabnool); Stanley Root (Omar); Mary Fortner (Zagbola); Walter Lockwood (The Sheik of the Bishareens); Bishareens: Thomas Reilly, Elmore Feltch, Willard Felthouse, Lee Rickabaugh; Notables: Kelsey Bartels, Foster Powell, George McClallum, Karen Falkenberg, Millicent Biel, Doris Taylor, Evawynne Jones; Soldiers: Dudley Wilkinson, Dick MacMorran, Ernest McCord, Roderick Klise, Robert Vance; Dancers: Marian LeFevre, Edetha Hartwig, Rachel Kester; Servant: Bernard Berelson

Business Manager: Eddie MacMurdo; Advertising Manager: Vernon Spears; Publicity Manager: Robert Sprague; Stage and Construction Crew: Donald Wark, Paul MacGown, Herrick Heitman, Olive Cornwell; Assistants: Caroline Peters, Lucy Ransom, Clarice Conklin, Marjorie Douglas, Coral Mary Buckholz, Carl Peterson, Morton Tompkins; Costume Assts.: Edetha Hartwig, Mary Bower, Jimmy Sager, Howard Bryson, Anita Scheller; Make Up: Norman Kelly, Margaret Allen White, Irmal Kinnison, Carol Seeds; Scenery Decoration: Mary Jo Hoagland, Lysbeth Lanning, Betty Hawley, Winnifred Handy, Mary Cain, Anita Craig, Eloise Neilson, Betty Weller, Lois Brakemeyer, Eileen Dierkes
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