1904-1905 - Crown of Fame

Production: Crown of Fame
Season: 1904-1905
Set Design:
Costume Design:
Lighting Design:
Sound Design:
Props Design:
Stage Manager:
Tech. Director:
Given by Girls of Reynolds Hall
February 13, 1905, Memorial Buildling

Cast: Lucile James, Margaret Boner, Helen McDouall, Linnie Marsh, Frances Yount, Edith Vestal, Maud Mallory, Lillian Merrell, Marian O'Neill, Eledice Paddock, Chloe Stanfield, Mary Buroker, Gertrude Michaelis, Margaret Parker, Ethyl Kuhn, Edith Edgerton, Pearl Culbertson, Pearl Conant, Mabel Durham, Grace Sharpe, Mabel McDill, Madge Fowler, Linnie Rowe, Ella Poston, Leora Worthington, Josie Jamieson, Ruby Lyman, Grayce Crockette, Flora Morgan, Myrtle Hawks
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