Book adapted from Voltaire by Hugh Wheeler
Music by Leonard Bernstein
Lyrics by Richard Wilbur
With additional lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and John Latouche

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Director: Nancy Simon; Musical Director, Conductor: Robert Bode; Vocal Coach: Lee D. Thompson; Scenic and Lighting Designer: Thomas Munn; Costume Design: Robin Waytenick; Properties Designers: Amy Weller and Oliver White

Orchestra: Piano: Lee D. Thompson; Synthesizer: Melissa Loehnig; Percussion: Spencer Martin

Nathan LeRud (Voltaire, Dr. Pangloss, Businessman, Governer, Sage); Bradley Howard (Candide); Matthew Schoonmaker-Gates (Huntsman, Soldier, Father Bernard, Cow); Kate Lyman (Paquette); Nicole Morton (Baroness, Whore); Lane Aikin (Baron, Grand Inquisitor, Don, Lion, Guest); Alexandra Boule-Buckley (Cunegonde); Kalin Schmoldt (Maximilian); Kristen Seymour (Maximilian's Servant, Whore); Alex Raines (Recruiting officer, Agent of the Inquisition, Don, Pirate); Mike Fish (Recruiting officer, Agent, Pirate, Guest); Greg Arnold (Chorister, Strolling Plaer, Beer Vendor, Slave Driver, Guest); Andrea Novak (Chorister, Pirate, Slave); Nathan Shiu (Chorister, Penitent, Don, Sailor with Flageolet, Pygmy); Rachel Younkin (Chorister, Fountain, Street Sweeper, Sailor, Slave); Max Reichlin (Bulgarian Sergeant, Don Issachar the Jew, Executioner, Pirate); Ben Heifetz (Bulgarian Soldier, Strolling Player, Sailor, Sheep); Michael A. Espinoza (Westphalian Soldier, Agent, Slave); Kaileen Miller (Strolling Player, Pom-Pom Vendor, Pirate, Slave); Anna Stephenson (Strolling Player, Sailor, Slave); Elizabeth Munn (Old Lady); Laura Barker (Penitent, Drum Lady, Sheep); Liz Kelly (Governer's Aide, German Botanist, Cow)

Production Stage Manager: Anthony Detrano; First Assistant Stage Manager: Zoey Mann; Second Assistant Stage Manager: Katie Innes; Light Board Operator: Katie Heneghan; Deck Crew: Christine Betow, Neil Hoff, Amy Weller; Wardrobe Crew: Kaliswa Brewster, Jennifer Patell, Marta Olson

Special Thanks to Eda Avici, Andrew Claus, Pete Crawford

Produced on Broadway by The Chelea Theatre Centre of Brooklyn in conjunction with Harold Prince and Ruth Mitchell. Broadway Production conceived and directed by Harold Prince

House Staff: Katie Krummeck, David Beckley, Annelise Heinz; Electricians: Liz Munn, Mitchell Gerbus, Ryan Goeden, Christian Iverson, Peter Sachs; Sound: Kirk Blais; Computer Assistant: Cameron Kiest; Props: Sara Lozito; Painter: Heather Backus; Press Releases: Claire Willet; Costume Shop: Julia Brown, Kim Clayton, Sandor Fejervary, Erin Hatheway, Katie Heneghan, Liz Kelly, Rebecca Kramer, Bridget Kustin, Marta Olson, Erin Pollack, Nicole Reynaud, Heidi Schrumpg, Erin Winsper, Megan Woods; Shop Crew: Prawin Adhikari, Jackie Baxter, Sandor Fejervary, Burke Gardner, Katie Innes, Elizabeth Kelly, Rebecca Kramer, Ludguier Montejo, Bill Novak, Joseph Nyamumbo, Harmony Paulsen, Max Reichlin, Noah Rosenberg, Amanda Sherwood, Theatre 248 Lab; Photographer: Adam Hardtke