The Leadership

After 3 semesters, the hiking club is, for the first time, undergoing a transfer of leadership, as well as a shift in organization and structure. After founding the club and serving as president for three semesters, Jack Ferrell is taking time off from Whitman and passing the leadership to first-year Matt Stenovec. Additionally, a roster of nine other club members have volunteered to help out with the club this semester. Alphabetically, they are:

Matt Bennett
Blake Bodnar
Nick Bomalaski
Sebastian Grubb
Season Martin
Zoe Plakias
Betsy Russell
Danny Steyer
Chantal Stieber
Johanna Withrow-Robinson

If you have any ideas, comments, questions or suggestions, you're encouraged to contact Jack or Matt.

This site designed and maintained by Matt Bennett for the Whitman College Hiking Club. Questions regarding hiking club activities should be sent to the president, Matt Stenovec.