What is the Whitman College Hiking Club?

The Whitman Hiking Club started as a little project by Jack Ferrell, who had two beliefs immediately upon arriving at Whitman his freshman year:

  • The freshman class, divided by the separation of the dorms Anderson and Jewett, needed a way to continue the awesomeness of the Scramble Program and continue hanging out and hiking together.

  • Whitman's Outdoor Program was biased toward kayakers and rock climbers and didn't offer enough HIKES to the campus.

Jack started creating 'Freshhikes' for Freshman only, but ASWC - the Associated Students of Whitman College - would only give club status, and thus precious funding, to an all-inclusive club. After asking around, Jack got about 80 students, mostly members of the class of 2007, to initially join. He started leading trips. No one else really seemed to have the initiative or desire to lead other trips or help administratively, despite cries to the hiking listserv, so it was a one man show.

Jack left in the Spring of 2005 and passed on leadership to Matt Stenovec. By that time there were over 300 members and subscribers to the Hiking Club listserv. There were 3-5 day trips regularly being led by Jack at the beginning of each and every break, and weekend and afternoon hikes, as well as snowshoe and cross country skiing trips, were regularly being sponsored and led. Matt entered the scene with very fresh ideas, more initiative and leadership and qualifications (EMT!) than Jack, and a list of ten willing assistants...

This site designed and maintained by Matt Bennett for the Whitman College Hiking Club. Questions regarding hiking club activities should be sent to the president, Matt Stenovec.