REQUIRED: Two documented doses of MMR vaccine and completion of the Tuberculosis Screening form available at: "" after June 13th, 2018.

Insurance information and complete immunization dates are highly recommended and greatly appreciated.

May 2018

Dear In-coming Whitman Student:

The Welty Student Health Center staff extends you a warm and healthy welcome. We are here to offer assistance with your health care needs and concerns during your academic years at Whitman College.  Your Student Health Center offers 24 hour accessibility with Registered Nurses available for consult and nursing care.  Medical providers are on site each weekday for medical evaluation and treatment.

 In order for us to provide the most effective health service, it is essential that you complete the following task by August 15.

  • Complete the Welty Student Health Form
    On-line at
    Available starting mid-June 2018
  • Immunization REQUIREMENT:  Two doses of Mumps, Measles and Rubella (MMR) after your first birthday.  Other vaccine dates are appreciated but not required.
  • Tuberculosis screen REQUIREMENT (4 short yes/no questions)
  • Have you ever had a positive Tuberculosis skin or blood test?
  • Were you born in or had frequent prolonged visits to any of these continents? Central America, South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia
  • Have you been vaccinated with BCG vaccine? This is a Tuberculosis vaccine given routinely in countries outside the USA.
  • Have you been a resident, volunteer or health care worker serving clients with increased risk of Tuberculosis?
  • Health and Accident Insurance

Claudia Ness, RN, BA