Free: No student cost for

  • Physician or nurse practitioner
  • Nursing evaluations/services
  • Overnight stays

Nominal student charge

  • Physicals
  • Injections
  • Lab work - in-house
  • Venipuncture
  • Immunization
  • Medications
  • Assorted medical supplies

Other professional services charged by provider

  • Massage
  • Outside lab and radiology
  • Prescriptions

All degree-seeking students are able to access the college health center, regardless of their particular health insurance.

Physician, nurse-practitioner visits, nursing evaluation/services, and overnight stays are available to all degree-seeking students at no cost. However, there are charges for: administration of allergy shots, lab work performed on-site, venipuncture, immunizations and other injections, some over-the-counter medications, physical exams, certain medical supplies or procedures, and prescription medications.

Health center services or supply costs may be charged to the student’s Whitman account or paid directly to the health center by the student. Physical therapy and Sports training is provided onsite by local therapists at no cost to the student. Massage therapy provided onsite requires cash payment at time of service.

The health center does NOT bill insurance. Students are responsible for requesting a receipt for charged services/supplies if they would like to submit a claim.

We STRONGLY recommend that all parents thoroughly educate their student about the benefits, limitations and requirements of the student’s particular health insurance. It is important to explain the deductible amount of the student’s insurance and determine whether the student is required to see a specific participating medical provider out in the community for the best cost/coverage under the student’s particular insurance policy.