Collective Action for a Resilient Future

Sustainability measures permeate throughout Whitman College. As an integral component of decision-making, Whitman is committed to sustainable practices that are essential to advancing social equity, environmental integrity and economic security. Whitman’s innovative and collaborative efforts will not only impact the college, they will model sustainable practices for our students, community and region.

“Students, faculty and staff at Whitman are full of creative and innovative sustainability ideas, so a fund that supports these ideas will radically transform what is possible with regards to sustainability on campus” — Nat Lange ’24

Now you can be part of Whitman’s path toward a sustainable future. In order to preserve the Whitman experience for future generations, the college has elevated Sustainability as a priority of The Whitman Fund. Gifts to Sustainability will be used immediately to finance projects identified by Whitman’s sustainability manager in consultation with the President’s Sustainability Advisory Council and the Associated Students of Whitman College Sustainability Committee. By supporting Sustainability at Whitman, you will help the college meet our Climate Action goals and directly bolster an area of the college that is vital to building resilience in the face of climate change.

Support Sustainability