Syllabus (Abobe Acrobat pdf format)

How to Use Excel (Abobe Acrobat pdf format)

PowerPoint lectures on Symmetry part I (2.9 Mb)
PowerPoint lectures on Symmetry part II (0.9 Mb)
PowerPoint lectures on Crystal Morphology (0.6 Mb)
PowerPoint lectures on Stereographic Projections, Twins, and X-ray (1.3 Mb)
PowerPoint lectures on Crystal Chemistry (0.5 Mb)
PowerPoint lectures on Coordination Polyhedra (0.9 Mb)
PowerPoint lectures on Pauling's Rules and Defects (0.9 Mb)
PowerPoint lectures on Silicate Structures (my fav, 2.5 Mb)
PowerPoint lectures on Optical Mineralogy (5.8 Mb)
Jane Selverstone's PowerPoint on optical textures, 4.4 Mb)

Notes: You must have both PowerPoint and IE or Netscape on your machine to view or download the files. Many of the colors are subtle, and using high color (16 bit) or true color (24 or 32 bit) gives the best results. 256 colors will give awful renditions. I am told that you can use Microsoft's free PowerPoint Viewer if you do not have PowerPoint installed on your machine.

IE users: With IE 5.0 or later, clicking on the download will view the Powerpoint images (Powerpoint acts as an IE plug-in). You can then File-Save them from within the viewer to your own hard drive if you please. Earlier versions of IE may still work, but I can't guarantee it.
Netscape users: clicking on the box will allow you to download the files only, not view them (or so I'm told). I think with Macs Netscape will run Powerpoint as a plug-in, but you must have Powerpoint on your machine.

Feel free to download copies of the PowerPoint files. I'm sorry that they include my class notes, but they are intended for my classes. You can modify your copies to suit your own needs, selecting any graphics you choose, but please cite any original sources.