Intern, City of Everett's Public Works Department

Suzy Oversvee, Class of 2000

Department of Geology, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA 99362

     One summer I worked for the City of Everett's Public Works Department testing stream quality. Everett has an annual fire hydrant flushing program that is done in order to maintain high drinking water quality within the water mains. My job was to determine which drainage basin the flush water entered and where it would outfall into the environment. I then had to test the water at its outfall to determine the amount of chlorine that was entering the environment. I also tested the turbidity of the outfall water. I then entered this data along with other pertinent information into a database. These tests were done to try to determine whether or not the flushing was having a negative effect on the creeks within the city. Stream quality has become more of a concern in Everett with the Chinook and Coho salmon recently being added to the endangered species list and as the city's population is expanding.

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