Volcanic Stratigraphy of Langadalsfjall on the Skagi Peninsula, Iceland

Ashley Meganck

Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA 99362

    My thesis will look at the stratigraphy of a package of basaltic, intermediate and rhyolitic flows that make up an abandoned mid-ocean spreading ridge. I have a rough geologic map of the area of Langadalsfjall, and a suite of 50 samples that include numerous basalts, a thick rhyolite flow, a coarsely porphyritic unit, and several dikes. I will be analyzing the samples petrographically, and analyzing a few samples chemically, including major, minor and trace element compositions. I may also be funded for a single Argon-Argon date.

    I hope to compare the samples within the basaltic suite I have collected and look at variation between flows. I also hope to discuss how the suite of flows relates to the geologic setting of Iceland specifically, a classic example of mid-ocean ridge/mantle plume interaction. I will produce a poster and/or present my results orally at the Keck symposium in spring 2004, and also at the Undergraduate Conference at Whitman.


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