2. Page Setup for a Poster

The default page size once you begin Illustrator is 8.5 inches by 11 inches. You want to change these specifications to be the intended size of your poster. The height must be changed to 36 inches. That is the height of the paper in the large format printers at Whitman College. On the other hand, you are not constrained by a set width, because the paper for the large format printers is a roll. Common specifications for posters made using this printer are 48 inches by 36 inches.


To change the page size:

Go to File > Document Setup and change the following information to poster dimensions. Change the Units to inches, set the Height at 36 inches, and set the Width you wish to use. The Size will automatically convert from Letter to Custom.


Default Poster Dimensions



Note: There will be a dotted box in the upper left corner of the page you just created. Ignore this box for now. It shows what area is printable from the current printer. Since, you will eventually be printing your poster from a computer that is configured to a large format printer, this box is irrelevant.