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Frozen Blades Tournament


December 4th to 5th, 2009.

We drove 5 hours to Salem, Oregon, to compete in Salem Classical Fencing's Frozen Blades Beginner's Tournament, our first out-of-town event.

We had a great time all around, and even did well too! The official results are posted here.


 Kyle, one of our fearless drivers.


Kayla and Stefan, two of Kyle's passengers. Nina was there too, taking the picture.


The other car: Mariah, Allison, Chris and the driver Eric (plus Stefan again). As you can see, it was rather cold at this rest stop.


As self-respecting swordfighters, how could be pass up the opportunity for a Pirate Adventure? That, and pizza?


The next day, we go to Salem Classical Fencing's salle for the tournament. Much cooler than our room in Sherwood!


The sabreurs warm up ...


... while the people doing foil wait patiently. Note the sign in the background.


The tournament was all-ages: Stefan bouts with someone half his height, while Chris and Kayla judge.


Allison and Kyle bout.


Stefan and Kyle won their brackets, and so fence for first and second place. The clock reads 8:30 p.m.

VIDEO here.


Stefan won first, Kyle won second, and Cole from SCF won third. Awesome job, guys!


After we'd been there for 12 hours, they changed the sign. Despite this, the people at SCF were welcoming and helpful. We hope to return soon!