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Upcoming Events

February 21-22:    Hand-to-hand, dagger, and longsword combat of Fiore dei Liberi with Maestro Sean Hayes - Northwest Academy of Arms, Eugene, OR - $100 both days/$75 Saturday

February 28:         SCF Multi-Weapon Tournament - Salem, OR

March 14:             SCF Foil/Epee Tournament - Salem, OR

April 18-19:           Redwood Coast Assault at Arms Tournament with Maestro Ramon Martinez and Maestro Jeanette Acosta-Martinez - Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA

May 2:                  Team Electric Tournament - University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

May 9:                  SCF Foil/Sabre Tournament - Salem, OR

May 30-31:            AFL Pacific NW Divisional Championships - Salem, OR


Let Stephen or Nicholas know which one(s) you want to attend!



Past Events

October 25, 2008: Parent's Day Novice Tournament. See pictures here!

April 21-22, 2007: Maestro Hayes' Classical Seminar and Workshop in Eugene.
    Maestro Hayes will lead "a two day seminar focusing on the practical application of Italian Fencing Theory." The conference will involve both training and bouting.

April 21-22, 2007: Whitman College's 37th Annual Renaissance Faire in Walla Walla.
    As is traditional, the Fencing Club will demonstrate various weapons and styles to the admiration of onlookers.

February 3, 2007: Salem Classical Fencing Winter Tournament in Salem.
    Several members of the team traveled to Salem, OR to participate in a one day, round-robin tournament in a non-electrically judged format. Jose placed 1st in Prep Foil and Stephen placed 3rd, and thus both advanced to Novice Foil in the AFL.

October 21-22, 2006: 4th Annual Invitational Rapier Tournament in Seattle.
    Academia della Spada hosted its fourth annual invitational rapier tournament. Fencers were invited to test their skills in a tournament judged on skill and stylistic purity. The Whitman Fencing Club was formally invited to compete in this tournament.

March 3-5, 2006: 2nd Annual Western Washington WMA Workshop in Seattle.
    Academia della Spada is hosting its second annual 4W workshop. The classes range from medieval longsword to 19th century dueling sword. Maestros from around the world will be leading classes.

October 22, 2005: 3rd Annual Invitational Rapier Tournament in Seattle.
    Academia della Spada hosted its third annual invitational rapier tournament. Serious scholars of the rapier were invited to test their skills in a tournament judged on skill and stylistic purity. The Whitman Fencing club had been formally invited to compete in this tournament.

October 29-30, 2005: 2nd Annual Whitman College Foil Symposium in Walla Walla.
    Whitman Fencing hosted a two day workshop in Southern Italian Foil Fencing with Maestro Sean Hayes.

September 24-25, 2005: Backsword Workshop in Seattle.
    Academia della Spada hosted a weekend workshop on the English backsword fight of George Silver taught by Stephen Hand. The two-day workshop offered students an opportunity to delve into this uniquely English style.

April 2-3, 2005: Whitman College Italian Foil Symposium in Walla Walla, WA.
    Whitman Fencing hosted a two day workshop in Southern Italian Foil Fencing with Maestro Sean Hayes. Check out: http://www.whitman.edu/fencing/symposium

Saturday April 30, 2005: Annual Renaissance Faire Tourney!
    We held our annual Spring Foil Tourney at Whitman's Renaissance Faire. This was an outdoor tourney that drew a crowd from the faire who stop to watch us stab each other. We also demoed other period weapons such as Rapier &/or Spada da Lato.

June 12-18, 2005: Redwood Rapier Camp 2005 in Arcata, CA.
    This year the Humboldt State University Fencing Club and the Martinez Academy of Arms held the third annual Redwood Rapier Camp. This was a week long event featuring 6-8 hours of hands on practice and 2-3 hours of lecturing on theory and history each day, focused on the Spanish and Italian schools of 16th-17th century rapier fencing. We had 5 Whitman fencers attend this year with students in both tracks.

February 25-27, 2005: Western Washington Western Martial Arts Workshop in Seattle.
    The Academia Della Spada brought over a dozen of the worlds best Western Martial Arts instructors from across the US and Europe to the Northwest to impart their knowledge and skills in a unique and exciting event weekend. Instruction was offered in rapier/smallsword, backsword/sideword, and longsword/two-handed sword. We had seven club members make the trip and receive fully 24 hours of instruction over three days. Overall 100 individuals attended the event.

December 4-5th, 2004: I.33/George Silver Workshop with Maestro Hayes in Kent, Washington.
    Old World Martial Arts hosted a weekend workshop on sword and buckler taught by Maestro Sean Hayes. Andrew, Karl, Will, and Jeff attended both days and learned the basics of George Silver's English Shortsword fight and German Arming Sword & Buckler according to Maestro Hayes' interpretation of the I.33. It was awesome.

Saturday October 23rd, 2004: Parents' Weekend Beginners' Foil Tournament
    This was our annual beginners' (1st stars') foil tournament held during parents' weekend and open to spectators. This year we held the tournament outdoors on the front porch of Cordiner. We had 11 fencers participating, and four additional members attended to Judge, Time, Direct, etc. We were extremely please with the turnout both of fencers and audience members, of which there were 60-70. First place went to Karl Young, second place to Alan Waxman, and third place to Jason Brain. Congratulations! Hopefully we will eventually have pictures posted in our photo gallery.

Saturday & Sunday, October 2nd and 3rd, 2004: Academia Della Spada's Second Annual Northwest Rapier Gathering and Tournament in Seattle.
    This year we had eight fencers make the journey to attend this most excellent event. While we had little tournament success, our new fencers got some excellent exposure to the WMA community, and also some great instruction as we had 2 fencers learning Capo Ferro's Rapier and Cloak, 1 fencer studying Saviolo's Fight of Rapiers, and 5 fencers learning Spanish Navaja.

Sunday-Saturday, July 25th to 31st, 2004: The 2nd Annual Redwood Rapier Camp in Arcata, CA.
    This was the 2nd year of the Redwood Camp, and it featured 5 days of intense instruction in the principles, history, and practice of 16th-17th century rapier fencing. The Maestros Martinez touting both Spanish Destreza and Italian styles. Andrew and Jenn both attended and studied the Spanish school.

Saturday April 24, 2004: Annual Renaissance Faire Tourney!
    We held our annual Foil Tournament at Whitman's Annual Renaissance Faire! It was great fun and a great faire; the winners were awarded laurels and sparkling cider (to replace the traditional wine). Garett took 1st place.

Saturday April 17, 2004: Salem Classical Fencing's Spring 2004 Classical Foil Tournament in Salem, Oregon.
    Garrett and Jenn to competed in the open division, and Jeff in the beginner's division at SCF's Spring Cup event. While non-electrically judged, the event definitely leaned more towards a sport fencing style event than a classical event. Everyone still had fun though, and they got the chance to fence people that used a variety of different styles, so we suspect we will attend again next year.

Saturday & Sunday October 15-16, 2003: Academia Della Spada's First Annual Northwest Rapier Gathering and Tournament in Seattle.
    Aside from many hours of open bouting, classes were held in Italian Rapier according to Capo Ferro (instructor: Jherek Swanger) and English Rapier according to Saviolo (instructor: Cecil Longino). There were also demonstrations of Spanish Rapier and French Smallsword by Antone Blair, and a lecture and demonstration on the connections between fencing and Italian dance footwork by Victoria Dzenis. Aspen, Nicole, and Andrew all competed, with Andrew tying (dying) with Antone Blair for 3rd place on a field of 30 combatants from a 4 state region. Andrew also received an award for best technical form, a superb complement that many expressed towards all of Whitman's fencers.